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Instagram feed images not showing due to API change

Today, January 12, 2018, the Shopify community woke up to an issue with all Instagram Feed images not showing.
This is due to an Instagram API change, for instructions on how to fix this please view these instructions


Last Updated: Mar 12, 2015 12:07PM EDT
The Header is split into 3 sections with options as follow:

Top Bar
This is a full width thin strip that appears at the top of your site.
This are is useful for displaying content that might include sale events, free shipping messages or store closure notices.
You can control the text that is shown + the color scheme to use.

If you would like to add a link into this section it is possible. We did not add a link url setting in here as this would limit you to only 1 link for the whole section when you can in fact have multiples.

It means inserting some very simple html which is created like this:

<a href="http://www.google.com">Google</a>  

You could use it as such....

Shop <a href="/collections/new-arrivals">New Arrivals</a> and <ahref="/collections/shoes">Shoes or <a href="/collections/dresses">Dresses</a> 10% off today only

If you have a favicon image that will be shown in the browser tab bar upload it here.
we recommend a 32px x 32px png format image for this.

If you have a logo image you can upload it here. Make sure the custom logo option is checked.
If you do not we have installed a selection of fonts for you to use to create store header.
Choices here include Font, Font size, Case, Weight and Color.

Note the option for Logo Position.
It is imperative that you choose wisely here based on the number of links you are showing in your navigation.
The options are:

• Within Navigation This will center the logo within the navigation.
 In the Navigation section you can split the number of links to either side of the logo however this is designed for a small number either side. 20 links either side will not work as there will not be enough space.

Left of Navigation: This will float the Logo to the top left of the screen. Allowing much more space for many links from the navigation.

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