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Instagram feed images not showing due to API change

Today, January 12, 2018, the Shopify community woke up to an issue with all Instagram Feed images not showing.
This is due to an Instagram API change, for instructions on how to fix this please view these instructions


Last Updated: Mar 12, 2015 02:02PM EDT
The Navigation is the most important part of your store.
It defines how customers will find your content, without a clear navigation the best sites in the world will struggle to convert customers.

The Epic theme contains 2 options for Navigation.

1. Split either side of a centered logo
2. Floating to the right of the page

How you have setup your logo in the header will dictate the navigation which options are as follow:

Navigation Left Side Content
If you are using a Centered logo with the Navigation ( See Header )
Here you choose how many links will show to the left of the logo from your Main Menu Link list
Any others that appear in the main menu link list after the number you specify here will automatically go to the right side of the logo along with Cart, Account and Currency Options.

Mega Dropdown Menu
The Mega Dropdown contains 4 sections each of which can carry a link list from the Navigation section of your admin.
This Mega Dropdown needs a parent link assigning to it in order to appear when that link is hovered.

As standard we have assigned this to the Catalog link which is a default in all new Shopify stores.
If you would like to change this to show when a different link is hovered simply add the name of that link Exactly as you have entered it within the main menu link list

If your Main Menu contains a link typed as: Shop Now and this will trigger the mega dropdown simply type Shop Now into the field within the customise theme > Navigation section.

For further illustration please see this video

Navigation Depth
You can assign a height to your navigation between 30px and 60px tall.  This is for aesthetics only.
The Navigation is always visible as the user scrolls down the screen.

Further options within the Navigation section allow you to choose fonts, colors and styles for links within the navigation.

Dropdown Menus
To create a simple dropdown menu open the Navigation Section of your main Shopify admin.
Note the Main Menu is the the top navigation within your store you can add links to this as needed.

To create a dropdown Create a new link list and give it a name identical to one of the links in your main menu.
Any links that you add to this will then show within a dropdown when that link is hovered.

Nested Menus
When using dropdowns you can add a 3rd level from the navigation.
To create this simple follow the same steps as used for creating a dropdown by naming a new Link List identically to another link within a dropdown.

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