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Instagram feed images not showing due to API change

Today, January 12, 2018, the Shopify community woke up to an issue with all Instagram Feed images not showing.
This is due to an Instagram API change, for instructions on how to fix this please view these instructions

Home Page

Last Updated: Mar 12, 2015 01:08PM EDT
Epic contains 11 different home page sections which can be re-ordered to show in different positions easily without the need to alter any code within the theme.

Each Section within the Homepage has been assigned a number from 1 - 11.

To change the order in which homepage sections appear all you need to do is enter the number for that item into the box provided

To hide a section simply remove it's corresponding number from this section.

For example to show a slideshow, product carousel and blog posts simple enter:


All numbers must be comma separated.

Various homepage sections can also be allowed to flow full width by checking their corresponding options.


Promotional Message Blocks

Promotional text message blocks are available to add call outs or quick notification on your home page

You can choose to show between 1 or 3 at any time with a selection of font style and color schemes available.


Featured Product Carousel

To Show products within a Carousel on the homepage you will first need a collection.

In your Shopify main admin click on Collections and create a new collection. Add some products and click save.

When ready return the Themes > customise theme > --3 Featured Product Carousel
In the dropdown provided choose the collection to show. Choose the amount of products to show within the carousel and click save.


Featured Collections


You can show a large block of collections on your home page. If you have many of them this is a great way to attract attention to them.

First make sure you have some collections created in the main admin of your store.
When ready click on Navigation in the Main Menu.
Create a new Link List and name it: Homepage Collections
Add some links to this list ** All Links must point to Collections ** 
Save when ready and return to themes > customise theme > --8 Featured Collections

Check the box to show collections on the homepage.
Choose the Homepage Collections list in the dropdown provided.

Should you need to change the order that these collections are shown in or add / remove any simply return to the Navigation screen and update the Homepage Collections link list accordingly.


Blog Posts

You can show the 4 most recent blog posts on your homepage.
Check the box to enable this feature and choose which blog to show posts from in the dropdown provided.

To show images under each Blog post title:
Click on Blog Posts in your main Shopify admin
Open a Blog Post
You will see the Blog Content... Beneath this click on Add an Excerpt
In the Excerpt field that appears insert an image and click save.

This will display as the featured image for that blog post.



Instagram Feed

Images from your Instagram user account can be shown on the homepage.
This will show the 12 most recent images from your account. These are linked to your Instagram page which will load in a new tab.

Setup requires a 0Auth Token with permission from your instagram account, follow these steps for installation...

1. Click on This Link And login to your Instagram account. This will take you to the Instafeed website. 

2. Close Instafeed and click on the above link again - you will now be returned to Instafeed but a Green Success message will be visible at the top of the site containing the information that is required to get up and running.

3. Copy the numbers from the Green box to a safe place - we will need them.

4. In your Shopify Account click on Themes > customise theme > 11--Instagram Feed

5. In the Box marked Instagram user ID number paste the 9 digit UserID

6. In the box marked Instagram Access Token paste the long Access Token

Click Save when done. This will configure the instagram feed to show on your homepage.

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