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Last Updated: Apr 24, 2017 12:44PM EDT

Product pages within the Testament theme have several options. To access these options open: Admin themesCustomize theme and open a product page while viewing your theme preview.


Thumbnail position - Choose product image thumbnail position to show on the right or left of the main product image

Product options border - Choose the color for the border around your product options to the right of the images. Set this to transparent to hide

Product options background - Add some color to the background of your product options and add to cart section to the right of the product images, set to transparent to disable.

Show sub title - Displays the meta description added within the SEO section of your product admin within the product page as a sub title.

Show quantity selector - Allows customers to choose the quantity of each product to add to their cart

Show variant SKU - Enables the visibility of the selected variant to display

Description position - Toggles right side or beneath view for the description of your product

Show custom swatch images - Toggles the usage of custom swatch images which would need to be uploaded for your products where Color or Colour is used as an option for your product variants.

1. Custom swatch images would need to be 50px x 50px in size and saved as a png file
2. The name of the image will be based on the name you have given the variant that it will represent
3. The swatch file name will need to be hyphentated and in lower case.
4. Upload your swatches to your themes Asset folder by entering: 
    Themes > [ ... ]Edit HTML / CSS > Assets > Add a new asset

Usage example:
A variant named: Red will have a swatch named: red.png
A variant named: Blue and White will have a swatch named: blue-and-white.png

Spaces are to be replaced with hyphens and all letters are written in lowercase.

Some colors will show automatically, to see which will display and view the shades that will be shown please view the HTML color chart

Additional info popups - Add content from static pages within your store to your product pages as popup content. This is useful for a returns, deliver or FAQ section to keep your customers on product pages and not searching for important purchase related content.

Show contact form - Adds a contact form to the popups section, when entering a message the product URL and title will automatically be sent allowing you to see which product the customer was viewing when contacting you.

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