Image sizes

Last Updated: Apr 24, 2017 12:52PM EDT

Testament will adapt to a diverse range of products, Sizes will vary for each store but as a guide the following image sizes will render good results for most users.



Full width option enabled: 1920px wide x 1000px tall
Full width option disabled: 1200px wide x 1000px tall

The height of the images can be any size that you would like to use - 1000px is a guide only. The height of the images that you use will dictate the height of the slideshow, this can not be edited with code.

Image Gallery


There are no fixed heights for images - the width is the important factor in order to ensure high quality.
You can use any height images that you would like. When using more than 1 image within a row of images however it is imperative to make the images the same height to ensure a grid layout is maintained.

Showing 1 image: 1920px wide
Showing 2 images: 1000px wide
Showing 3 images: 600px wide
Showing 4 images: 400px wide

Banner images 


Banner images are designed to span the full width of the users browser window.
1920px wide x 400 - 500px tall is a good size to use as a guide for banner imagery.

Product images


To ensure a high quality of product imagery across the site and to ensure that the zoom function on your product pages can display at a satisfactory level:

1000px tall x 650px wide ( minimum for portrait imagery )
650px tall x 1000px wide ( minimum for landscape imagery )

Blog post featured images


Tiled layout: 600px wide x 400px tall
Stacked layout: 1000px wide x 500 - 600px tall

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