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Product pages

Last Updated: Apr 24, 2017 02:31PM EDT

You may change some of the options within your stores product pages by opening: Themes > Customize theme and opening a product page within your themes preview.

Show quantity - toggles the display of a quanity field that your customers can use to add more than 1 of each item to the cart

Show product vendors - Display the brand associated with your product

Thumbnail alignment - Choose to show additional image thumbnails to the left, right or beneath the main image of your products

Show variant SKU - Toggles the visibility of the SKU assigned to your products variants

Related products position - Show related items from the same collection on your product page to the right or the product description or below the content on the page.

Additional content popups - Add more content to your product pages. This could include a returns policy, size chart or any other static content

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