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Product pages

Last Updated: Apr 24, 2017 04:02PM EDT

You may change some of the options within your stores product pages by opening: Themes > Customize theme and opening a product page within your themes preview.

Enable image zoom - toggles the display of a zoom in which is shown when your product main image is hovered. By default this will show the original image uploaded for your product within the zoomed in view, therefore it is imperative to upload high resolution images with a minimum of 1200px x 700-800px in size.

Thumbnail position - Choose to show additional image thumbnails to the left or right  of the main image of your products

Show variant SKU - Toggles the visibility of the SKU assigned to your products variants

Show Vendor - Toggle the vendor visibility

Product page note - Add a brief text section to your product pages to inform customers of any promotions or shipping deals that you have. 

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